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The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine 




PRO-Public Record Office, Kew Gardens (London) 
CO-Colonial Office, Great Britain 
FO-Foreign Office, Great Britain 
ISA-Israel State Archives (former Palestine Mandatory Government records), Jerusalem 
Survey-Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, A Survey of Palestine 
Report ... for the Year ]9xx-Report by His Britannic Majesty's Government to the Council of the League of Nations on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan for the Year 19xx, Colonial No. xx. 
RH-Rhodes House, Oxford, England 
Hope Simpson, Report-Sir John Hope Simpson, Palestine: Report on Immigration, Land Settlement and Development, Command #3686, 1930. 
UNRWA-United Nations Relief and Works Agency 
USCR-United States Committee for Refugees 

I. Unpublished archival sources, periodicals, official publications, and reports

The unpublished archival sources, periodicals, official publications, and reports drawn upon for this book have been cited fully in the reference notes. The following are only the official data referred to most frequently, which were often abbreviated after the initial citation in the reference notes. 

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Report ... for the Year 1927, Colonial No. 31. 
Report ... for the Year 1928, Colonial No. 40. 
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Report ... for the Year 1930, Colonial No. 59. 
Report ... for the Year 1931, Colonial No. 75. 
Report ... for the Year 1932, Colonial No. 82. 
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Report ... for the Year 1934, Colonial No. 104. 
Report ... for the Year 1935, Colonial No. 112. 
Report ... for the Year 1936, Colonial No. 129. 
Report ... for the Year 1937, Colonial No. 146. 
Report ... for the Year 1938, Colonial No. 166. 

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League of Nations Permanent Mandates Commission: 
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Mandate for Palestine C. 259. M. 314. 1922. VI. 
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Minutes of the Thirty Second (Extraordinary) Session, 1937. C. 330. M. 222. 1937, VI. 
Minutes of the Thirty Ninth Session, Geneva, 1939. 

II. Books, Pamphlets, and Articles

Every source drawn upon for this book is fully cited in the reference notes and each had a role in the development of the research. The list that follows is neither a repetitious account of every single source used nor an exhaustive compilation of the infinite number of publications on the subjects of this book. It is, rather, a partial listing of those works principally called upon and thus abbreviated in some of the reference notes. In a few instances, I have noted works that contain related information not directly discussed here, but of value to those interested in further reading. 

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